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Getting atje - rekomanduar linjat ajrore

On most of our tours, participants come from different countries and airfare is generally NOT included in the price.
Ju jeni të lirë të zgjidhni metodën tuaj për të marrë atje, por në bazë të kërkesës, ne shpesh mund të rezervoni fluturimet për ju si.

IMPORTANT: before you book your own flight for a tour with us, please check with us whether the trip departure is confirmed and when it is safe to book your flight.

Our preferred airlines to recommend (top 10):

Based on experience, we recommend the following airlines and will whenever possible try to choose them for your flight ticket.
  • Lufthansa: flights within Europe, to African, Asian and N American destinations
  • Singapore Airlines: flights through Asia
  • United Airlines: flights though N America and to Central Amercia
  • Emirates: flights to Asia, Australia and NZ
  • Air New Zealand: flights to Pacific destinations and NZ
  • Air Canada: flights from Canada
  • Quantas: fights to Australia and Oceania
  • Aegean Airlines: flights to Greek destinations
  • Air Berlin: flights to Italy and other European destinations from Germany
  • Alitalia: flights to Italy, and often the only reasonable choice, unfortunately. Has improved on baggage handling and reliability

Airlines we do NOT (or no longer) recommend:

We present also a list of airlines that based on negative experience we can NOT recommend and that we will no longer book for you, even if their fares are lower (of course, you are still free to choose them, but you need to book them yourselves).
  • Quatar Airlines: flights to Asian destinations. If things go well, a very good airline that boasts itself "first-class". But if something goes wrong, e.g. if your flight is cancelled or delayed, don't expect any assistance or help.


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