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VolcanoDiscovery - Specialists in Volcano Travel

Watching Etna erupt
Watching Etna erupt
Since 2005, we have been leading specialists for small group tours and expeditions to active volcanoes, as well as relaxed walking and photo tours to volcanic areas worldwide.
We highlight the key factors that make our tours special.
Ultimately, we love to share our own passion and have happy customers. Read on, or have a look at what clients have said.

Off the beaten track
Impressive tuff formations at Santorini's lonely south coast
Impressive tuff formations at Santorini's lonely south coast
Our programs are unusual and far from the crowds. We show you hidden highlights and places other tourists don't find.
10+ years of experience
At the crater rim of Nyiragongo volcano
At the crater rim of Nyiragongo volcano
Our our team of volcanologists, photographers, tour guides and organizers has been around in the world of volcanoes and the specialist travel business for many years.
You benefit from first-hand knowledge, scientific expertise and years of experience. While looking for adventure, we never forget your safety. Visit live volcanoes only with professionals.
We are no "volcano heros" and don't compete with others who call themselves "volcano adventurers", but our volcano tours are guided by real volcanologists, i.e. people with both hands-on field experience and academic background in geology or a related field, combined with years in training, teaching and research.
Small groups = better experience
A relatively "large" group on the Stromboli-Etna tour
A relatively "large" group on the Stromboli-Etna tour.
When we talk about small groups, we mean it. On most of our tours, the maximum number of participants is 4-10 people (while other operators still call 15 "small groups"...). The number varies with the type of tour and the destination, but is always smaller than what most other operators offer.
We want to maximize the experience of each client, flexibility, the overall quality of each trip, and cause as little impact as an intruding group in the local environment as possible. Some activities loose their charm and value if the group is too large, and sometimes, the group must be that small in order to be able to do it well. On our photo tours, we normally operate with a maximum of 4 participants, so everyone has maximum attention from the tour leader and best chances to shoot at his own preferred photographic locations.
Personal service
We are a young, small and personal company. You communicate directly with us from from start to end and we care about all details.
Individual and private Tours
We can organize private and customized tours. If you are looking for a special event, an incentive, or private tour with us, we provide tailor-made service. Simply contact us.
Less is more = see the details
Small snail on a church on Santorini
We do not want to be a large generalist tour operator offering all sorts of destinations and activities. Our program is small and will remain that way, and we essentially do everything ourselves, from answering your first email to guiding you on the trip.
We focus on what we love most and do best, and keep our team small and personal. This is the way we like to work, and we believe that you benefit from it, too, because you'll be certain to be among people who really love their work.
The same applies for the programs we offer. We do not rush from sight to sight, nor are we interested in the athletic aspects of hiking or walking. Most of us are passionate about photography. If you like a relaxed pace, and want to have time to discover details you otherwise won't see - come travel with us.

Variety - geology, nature & culture
Red poppies on Milos Island
Red poppies on Milos Island
Our tours go to areas with active volcanoes and some trips focus mainly on the incredible experience to watch an active volcano erupt. But we offer a lot more, too: many walking and study tours with an interest not only on volcanoes, geology and minerals, but also photography, landscape, flora and fauna, archeology, culture and meeting the local people.
International mixed groups
Our expedition crew and group on Erta Ale (Dec. 2010), a truly well mixed team: Ethiopia meets UK, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.
Our expedition crew and group on Erta Ale (Dec. 2010), a truly well mixed team: Ethiopia meets UK, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.
Our groups are usually mixed, with people coming from literally all over the world. Only about 40 % of our clients are from the German-speaking countries, and about 30% are from the English-speaking ones. The rest comes from various countries between Argentina and Mexico, Portugal and Japan. In most cases, the common language is English.
Meeting different people of all ages and from different countries is one of the aspects we love most about our own work. If you are open to meet and travel with people having a totally different background, culture and language than yourself, you will probably enjoy our trips a lot more!
Participants often start as foreigners, but leave as friends.
Great food
Lunch at our friend Barabara's place on Stromboli
Lunch at our friend Barabara's place on Stromboli
We love to eat and drink well...! On our trips, you will taste authentic local food, wine and specialties, which is ultimately also an important part of the cultural experience.
We don't bring you to Burger places or touristy restaurants with cheap set menus. Nor do we bring you to stylish fancy star chef restaurants. What we prefer are typical small places, where locals people like to go out to eat, often far from the crowds.
People with special diets (vegetarian etc.) are also more than welcome, as there is always lots of variety, especially in places like Greece or Italy, where the traditional local cuisine is actually strongly based on vegetarian ingredients.
Charming accommodation
Our favorite hotel in Italy...
Our favorite hotel in Italy...
We prefer to stay in small hotels of good standards which we prioritize by location and ambiance rather than price or the quality of room service or number of TV programs available... We avoid touristy places; even on Santorini, we stay in a beach hotel where you are far from the crowds even in high season. When we camp, we choose the perfect spots. On walking trips, we can often start walking right from the place we stay without the need of boring transfers.


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